Unity3D and Project 1 Assignment – GTGD

Hey Folks,

I’ve been playing with Unity3D lately, and specifically, learning some FPS techniques with GTGD tutorials on Youtube. Here is my Chapter 1 Project Assignment. We were learning about Events, triggering them, spawning enemies with events and using rigidbodies. Have a squiz if you’re interested. Its only about 2minute long. Cheers!!

Link for the Tutorials

GTGD at Youtube

New Design “Pirate Skull”

Hi Everyone! I wrapped up this Pirate themed design recently.

As I have had several designs on the go, this one kinda got pushed onto the back burner, but Yay, its nice to have it finally complete. My personal challenge lately has been to create graphics that:

  • print well on all colour garments,
  • are nicely composed,
  • and only use vector tools (so NO gradients and blends).

So that really was the main focus. Created solely with a mouse, so my poor wacom tablet will be feeling rejected right now… 🙂

I have added Spreadshirt US, Spreadshirt UK, and to heaps of products in Redbubble, so if you like it that much, there are stickers, tshirts etc.

Hope you dig it, All the Best


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New Design “Cosmic Girl”

Hi Folks! Been busy with some new artwork lately.

Here is my latest offering, inspired by Retro Space Pinup Girls.

My goal was to keep the details simple, using vector design (no gradients or blends) and still get some nice material effects like Latex shine, rocket burners and metallic colours. I think it was pretty successful, and quite like the composition.

Cosmic Girl was designed primarily as a tshirt design for ALL colour backgrounds, but its also available over at Spreadshirt US , Spreadshirt UK, and at Redbubble on all types of products.  Hope you like – All the Best!!!


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New Design: Psycho Santa

Hey Folks!

I have finished my Last 2016 Xmas Design, “Psycho Santa”.


I wanted to make a crazy looking Santa you wouldn’t let your kids near. I think I succeeded.

Hope you dig it!!!

Also available on Redbubble Merchandise and Stickers.

All the Best, Beeno!!!


New Design: Christmas Cat

Hey Folks, Here is my new design, just in time for xmas. I call it, The Christmas Cat. If you have a mischievous moggy, you may appreciate this one. 


As with most of my works, I put it on print-on-demand merchandise over at Redbubble and Spreadshirt. Check it out if you like – All the Best, Beeno.

PissyPaws The Chihuahua

One of my latest odd art offerings.

Inspired by a pet pooch I met in my journeys, “Pissy-paws The Chihuahua” is one of those angry little dogs that act so tough, but then get so excited they wet all over the place. Enjoy!!!